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Why Obama enjoys his incompetence

Have you ever wondered why Obama never changes his behavior no matter what the friendly or unfriendly press says about him? Have you ever wondered why Obama seems like he’s totally unconcerned about his re-election chances?

What is is that Obama measures as success? Obama is out to create a massive crisis so that he can use the crisis to reshape the USA into his Marxist utopia. This plan presents a unique scenario for a president. It allows him to do anything he feels like doing with no perceptible consequences.

Consider this: If his goal is to create a huge national crisis, then here are the possible outcomes, and what it means to his behavior:

Outcome A: Success. The primary goal is to create a crisis that allows him to destroy capitalism and reshape the USA into what he believes will be a Marxist utopia, where there are two classes — the elite ruling class, and the working class. The ideal goal is to create a crisis big enough so that he not only gets to reshape the USA, he can declare himself the president indefinitely, thus eliminating his risk of losing the next election. Failing that, at least exploit or create a lot of little crises to leverage a series of power grabs.

This explains his behavior, his extravagance, and his total lack of competent leadership. All the golfing, partying, traveling, mishandling and ignoring all of the real problems such as unemployment, national security, etc., contributes to the success of his plan. He spends too much money on personal luxury? So what? It agitates the people and increases the debt crisis. He doesn’t help clean up the oil spill? So what? He can use the disaster as an excuse to grab more power, possibly even seizing control of energy providers. He doesn’t want to secure the border, prevent terrorist attacks, improve the economy, lower unemployment? So what? Fixing these things would be counterproductive to his goal of creating countless little crises or, ideally, a national crisis.

Outcome B: Failure. The constitution remains intact but the USA is severely damaged, probably for decades. Obama loses the next election. Liberals/progressives lose the balance of power, and it is up to their replacements to try and reverse some of the damage.

So how would this motivate him to behave differently than he is behaving now? It wouldn’t. If he fails to create a big enough crisis to succeed, why not just live it up until 2012 or perhaps even 2016, if he can hold on that long? Golf, go to parties, travel the world, ignore the problems facing the USA — who cares? Get it all while the gettin’s good because he won’t have it anymore after his term is over. And it’s not like he gives a rat’s a** about the fate of America, anyway, so there’s no point in doing good just to get some of his progressive friends re-elected or please the people with whom he disagrees. America is the evil force in the world, so it deserves whatever damage he does to it.

Obama is driven by pure malignant narcissism. Take over the country, that’s ideal. Lose the country but live it up for a few years? That’s an acceptable trade-off. He has no consideration whatsoever about anyone else.

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